News Portal Devlopment

Looking For Nepali News Portal Development Services

Are you looking for the best Nepali Online Newspaper/News Portal Software Development professional to work on your project? Then Gorkhaly Labs is the right place to be. We are one of the best news portal management service provider in Nepal. Online communication is increasing in popularity every day, and it is the most preferred medium for people in different parts of the world to exchange news, talks as well as chats over the globe. Displaying news in most portals either automatically or manually can be very challenging, and that is why we have developed this Nepali news portal CMS to make everything easy for you and your visitors.

News Management with our CMS

You can manage your news in your news portal breaking by defining categories and posting news as breaking news or featured news within seconds with the help our news portal CMS. The Key Advantage of our News Portal CMS is that it given very enriching Experience to your Editors

News Management with Unlimited Advertisemets space Every Each block and post

Gorkhaly labs Lunch a News Portal Devlopment design to Easy for Clients to Mnage Advertisement to place anywhere unlimited space to insert Ads. also client can insert advertisement in Between Post.

News Portal Design Demo